Doc Martens "Eternal" Campaign

  • Dr. Martens
    Eternally Preserved
    With its rich history, Dr. Martens spawned from the loins of punk rock music and it has managed to tele-port through every genre
    including rock and metal. The brand has adapted with changing times and hasn't deviated. It's time for a jump-start socially -
    something that can engage the target market in-store and out.

    Dr. Martens isn't known for its functional benefits. Each boot or shoe offers a lifetime guarantee on its unique, durable rubber sole.
    Just by sending
    the boot back after the sole is worn out, your shoe can now be legendary by living forever. The target I went after was "The Classic Rocker Teenies" ages 15-23. Music lovers and die hard fans. Eternally Preserved brings back rockers who have died but who's music will always be preserved. 

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