coast guard model build process

  • starting off waiting for bulk of the model to be built, i needed something sturdy for it to sit on for display. some angle cut 1"x1", 3/4" acrylic sheet, and some lag bolts did rather well. it supported my entire bodyweight! (not that i reccoment standing on it)
  • After the first part came off the mill, it was time to sand, prime, sand, then prime it again. its a tedious process, but its neccessary inorder to get a solid finish. 
  • This is definitely one of the messiest points during the build process. 
  • after priming all of the parts, laying them out before i test fit. 
  • it took a little bit of finesse, but some files and 180 grit got everything to their proper place. 
  • with 4 separate colors, and decals, the bulk of my time was spent on taping off the details for each individual color. the base coat is solid white
  • all of the colors are applied, and another test fit to make sure the paint buildup wasnt too serious. 
  • what you dont see is that just before clearcoat, i put all of the decals down so that they would look as if they were seemless with the model. it also helps make sure they dont fall off. 
  • after the clearcoat had finished curing, i used some thin black tape to clean up the paint edges.