• This is CCS NASF/Lacks Enterprise Sponsored Project. 

    Detroit autonomous shared vehicle project, Asteroid 325. I have chosen the little prince as my concept because just like the prince's journey to cure his loneliness this vehicle will cure the traveler's loneliness who is willing to explore the world. 

    The current transportation system does not quite fit single tourist's needs, for example, Uber and taxi are too expensive for a long term trip and because of different traffic rules, the tourist might have difficulty navigating the rental car. This new future autonomous vehicle will fulfill tourist needs. Affordable. Easy and friendly. 

    Despite the visual beauty of touring around the city, there is always been the main problem. The car doesn't rotate. By using "Air Bonsai" technology, which is the system magnetically levitating small trees above an electrified pedestal, it will enable the seats inside the interior to float and rotate around to enjoy the panorama of the city in 2030.