Brand Extension Strategy

  • This is a studio project sponsored by Carhartt. The object of the class is to find the possible opportunities in a new & differing cultural market, and develop a method or strategy to increase brand awareness reflecting heritage & vision

    To explore the opportunities, the class divided into 4 teams. Our team has three members: Justin from USA, Robin from Korea and me from China. We start  to research Carhartt brand, such as core value, core competence skills, customer segments and field trip interview, as well as the competitors in market. Then we found out  that Carhartt have more than 120 year history, it is famous in the personal protective workwear market because of it provides reliable and strong protection to their customers. Meanwhile, there are many other economic boomers that have high GDP growth and bring numerous projects. It's a perfect time for carhartt to provide the protection to workers who in other country. China is one of the huge potential market that has more than 300 million blue workers. The economy is growing rapidly, the government regulation is changing, and there is a huge market of personal protective equipment. In order to quickly enter this market, we developed a business strategy that is co-partnership with the local PPE industry association and research & develop centers.