Inktober 2016

  • Day 3
    Valais Blacknose Sheep/llama hybrid.
  • Day 5
    Alexandrite from Steven Universe.
  • Day 6
    Illustration of Castiel based off a new promo for Supernatural season 12 that was released that day.
  • Day 7
    Combined with a More Love for Cas challenge also happening week-by-week in October. The theme here was, "Cas's trench coat, or Cas without his tie." I picked Cas without his tie.
  • Day 8
    Combined with the 31 Witches challenge, as I wasn't sure what to draw this day. The 31 Witches prompt for that day was, "blood witch." I imagined a witch scientist who uses blood to make new spells.
  • Day 9
    Another combination with the More Love for Cas challenge. This week's theme was, "Angel blade or angel grace." I chose angel grace.
  • Day 10
    he walks
    I wanted to do something with spooky, Halloween vibes.
  • Day 11
    Gentle witch!Cas, with his large wolf familiar!Dean.
  • Day 12
    In honor of the Supernatural season 12 premiere, which will occur the next day.
  • Day 13
    Drawn based on a sneak peak video that was previously released for a scene of Superantural that would air in the season 12 premiere that night. Mary Winchester, who had died in the pilot episode, 33 years ago in the show's timeline, is suddenly resurrected, unable to recognize her now 37 year old son, who, to her, was only four years old just yesterday. Until now, Dean had only had a few fuzzy memories as they have faded over time, knowing his mother as more of a myth and a legend than a person -which would all soon change.
  • Day 14
    Drawn from a scene which occurred the previous night on Supernatural. Dean Winchester and Castiel are reunited, after Castiel had believed Dean to be dead.
  • Day 15
    I combined this with the Witchy Art Challenge Day 15 prompt, "Crystal Witch." She is harvesting crystals. This was drawn on blue scrap paper from work that couldn't be used for anything else.
  • Day 16
    A hellhound -I wanted to do something more creepy for Halloween again. When I first did this challenge in 2014, I, for my own personal tastes, did exclusively Halloween-related drawings, whether it was season or general monsters. While I didn't want to force myself to adhere to overall theme this year, I do absolutely love Halloween, so I still find myself often going back to similar themes in these drawings.

  • Day 17
    A Nochnyr familiar from Flight Rising -after many collective hours of my free time being used battling in the site's Coliseum feature trying to win one, it finally happened! I was excited and had to draw it.
  • Day 18
    A witch's strange familiar. I decided to try an experiment by inking this inversely to see how it would come out -it was very tedious and quite the challenging learning experience, but I think it was a fitting technique to try for this drawing that looks cool with the creature.
  • Day 19
    A poodle moth, a bug too cute to be real (but it is real!) This was done using a pink Pentel Color Pen. The challenge in this is it's almost possible to layer/crossover lines, as this pen can tear up even thick paper once just a second stroke is layered over the first.
  • Day 20
    Everyone needs a little happiness in the form of a cute and fluffy puppy.
  • Day 21
    A cutesy Halloween sheep with candy corn horns.
  • Day 22
    A cute chibi-style Castiel, as a witch.
  • Day 23
    A girl in a bunny scarf.
  • Day 24
    An angel. Angels as described in the bible are quite terrifying often with many limbs or eyes or other features -a sort of frankenstein combination of mismatching or too many body parts, sometimes from different creatures, or even objects, such as minerals. I love to depict their strangeness.
  • Day 26
    A sheep with deer antlers.
  • Day 29
    A drawing of myself as a witch in honor of Halloween.
  • Day 30
    Myself as a very tired vampire who does not want to get up.
  • Day 31
    I wanted to do something very creepy for Halloween. Here we have a decapitated leviathan-possessed Castiel, still kicking thanks to the monsters inhabiting his vessel, inspired by season 7 of Supernatural.