Battle for the Triforce

  • Battle for the Triforce

    This is a collection of 3 pieces of art of the same subject, but spanning 11 years of my life. It really illustrates how much I have advanced my artistic skill in that period of time. The scene is that of the final battle between the holders of the Triforce pieces (Link, Zelda, and Ganon) at the end of To me it was a very memorable video game moment and even though the game graphics are primitive compared to today's standards, I felt it was very epic and defining of the series as a whole.
  • 2001 
    I drew this not long after playing through Ocarina of Time for the first time. This was before I had internet access and I did it from memory while working off of the official character artwork from the Player's Guide. I knew it was inaccurate and pretty horribly rendered, but at the time, this was my skill level. It was first drawn in pencil, then outlined in pen and colored with marker. 
  • 2005
    I did this version just after graduating from high school and submitted it among my portfolio pieces to the College for Creative Studies for acceptance. This time around I took a bit more time to actually study the scene, as well as examining the in-game Ganon model while he was stunned and taking notes. Even though this still proved to be inaccurate, it was still a drastic improvement from a few years before. I also wanted to include Zelda this time and make sure the Triforce pieces resonated on the backs of each character's hand. I now also realize that Link is actually supposed to be left-handed. Even with its flaws, I'm still pretty proud of this piece. 

    This was rendered with pen and colored pencil. 
  • 2012
    After having been a fan of the series for many years and with Skyward Sword about to be released (and all the 25th Anniversary stuff coming out), I was in quite a mood to do some Zelda fan art. I already did a few pieces for a Zelda-themed table-top game (see my Legend of Zelda project), but then I came across the official high-resolution artwork for Ganon and realized that I could now finally create an accurate depiction of that battle using the skills I had developed from my years at the College of Creative Studies. Using digital methods this time around, I was able to create something that I had imagined my original piece from 2001 to look like, but lacked the skill and tools to do so. I spent several months working on this off and on between work, freelance projects, and my personal life until at last I completed it July 4th, 2012. I cannot even fathom how many hours this piece took, but the final Photoshop file ended up being 1.35 GB large! 

    Please see my DeviantArt for the full size image.
  • Close-up of Master Sword and Golden Gauntlets. I added the Gerudo crest to the design of the Gauntlets seeing as how the Silver Gauntlets were acquired in the Spirit Temple and the Golden ones were acquired within Ganon's Castle. 
  • Close-up of Hylian Shield and Master Sword Scabbard. I decided I liked the Twilight Princess/Skyward Sword scabbard design better than the Ocarina of Time version, so I made an alteration here. 
  • Close-up of Navi. I felt that since I was going for such a high level of detail and realism, I should give her a physical body and not just a winged ball of light as seen in-game. After all, plenty of other fairies from other Zelda titles truly possessed physical bodies, and I wanted to convey the "forest fairy" quality about her. 
  • Close-up of Princess Zelda. Her appearance is as close to the original design as possible. 
  • Close-up of Ganon. I spent the most time on Ganon and my ultimate goal here was to capture the surprise and dread of seeing that dark, twisted form surrounded by flames for the first time.