• JARI (2014) | 
    Jari is a product design project focusing on a trend, miniaturization of products, with an idea that we all have a desire to make our bedroom comfortable and convenient. Jari provides not only a comfortable sleep environment but also suitable interaction for your convenience with the combination of physical and graphic user interface.
  • ‘Jariki’ is a Korean word which means drinking water for bedtime. Jari is designed inspired by this Korean word. We often place drinking water before sleeping to handle sudden thirst easily. This action is from a desire to make our residential space pleasant and convenient. The reason why we put a humidifier or an alarm clock in our bedrooms is the same. Jari has been designed based on this action and our desire.
  • The small-size water purifier is becoming increasingly popular. It occupied 26% of Korean water purifier market in 2013. Additionally, 31% of Woongjin Coway’s, Chungho Nais’ competitor, total water purifier in the second quarter of 2012 sales was occupied by small-size water purifiers.
  • In order to bring a water purifier into the bedroom, something new is needed. For this reason, I considered behaviors to make our bedroom comfortable and pleasant, and I focused on a humidifier. It has two common features with a water purifier. One is that they are appliances using water, and the other is that they have built-in filters to make water clean. Water, in the bedroom, will be used to make indoor water environment comfortable in users’ sleep, and it will be used to help users drink water easily in their sleep. If you are with Jari, your sleeping environment would be more pleasant and your morning will be fresh more.
  • The shape is inspired by a bamboo. Considering that Jari is motivated by a Korean word, 
    I tried to reflect Jari's functions, humidifying and filtering water. 

    A bamboo is a good inspiration reflecting both ideas. Because it is so straight, it represents honesty, fidelity, and integrity in Eastern Asia. It is also used as various implements in Asia. The water running on it is pure water image that Korean people easily imagine.
  • Water Temperature Control:
    By turning the front circle button, users can set drinking water temperature.

    Graphic & Physical User Interface:
    Jari has a user-interface combined with graphic and physical UI to reduce mistakes even while asleep