• GE Health Archive (2016) |
    GE Health Archive is a service design project in order to allow American families to improve their health conditions holistically. it collects each family member’s comprehensive health information with an archive system and provides suggestions including family plans and roles.
  • Team project with Rebeca Sanchez and Zhibin Wu
    Sponsored Project by GE Appliances
  • Personalized Approach
    The United States is getting more diverse. Personalized and customized healthcare services are getting more popular. Moreover, it is expected that individuals will be more required to manage their own health.

    Proactive Approach
    Genetic tests are getting more popular and cheaper. In 2020. The genetic tests would become more financially and very useful for diverse families’ health promotion and disease prevention in the near future.

    Holistic Approach
    On average, American people think their families are the most important thing in their lives. For example, 40% of survey participants said that family influences healthcare decision and 60% of them said that they want to spend their free time with their families.
  • Concept Platform
    The concept platform is how the Health Archive works. We focused on providing the three types of design approach in the whole process. In the beginning step, the Health Archive collects, organizes, and analyzes data for accurate and effective health promotion and prevention. Then, Health Archive suggests family plans which can be customized. Users start role-playing and get incentives and compensation, based on what they have done.
  • Partnership
    Through credit card companies and supermarkets, Health Archive can get users’ lifestyle information. Family health information, such as users’ family health history and DNA data, can be collected with Ancestry Health and Ancestry DNA. Social media will be helpful to motivate users to participate in activities actively, and incentives from health insurance companies and supermarkets will be good for motivation.
  • Persona1 | MICHAEL
    He decides to research for a refrigerator and is curious about the GE Health Archive and their benefits. He is not an active user to participate everything offered by GE and GE Health Archive. 

    #Living Alone/ #Passiveness/
    #Seeking for Tangible Compensation,
    #Unaware of Health Conditions

  • Persona 2 | JOHNSON FAMILY
    Mary is concerned about her family’s health and her children’s health education. For this reason, she decided to use GE products and the GE Health Archive as a prevention tool. 

    #Caring Family/ #Activeness,
    #Seeking Intangible Rewards,
    #Need for Diabetes Prevention Aid

  • We are expecting that GE Health Archive will have benefits for both GE and GE’s users.
    These benefits include effects of better wellbeing, prevention, and education.