• Forward is a Healthcare startup in San Francisco, headed by entrepreneur and ex-Google Exec Adrian Aoun. Forward is a new kind of doctor’s office, bringing together world-class doctors with advanced technology to manage your health and your goals proactively. Forward stands for better quality, better access, and a better experience. 

    Our members have continuous access to our medical team via our app. Baselines are provided during the first visit to better understand each member's medical history and talk about setting health goals for the future. Through the use of technology, doctors can spend more valuable time with each person and provide more personalized, proactive care. 

    I had the opportunity to join this amazing team of doctors, medical assistants and engineers early on to work on the development of our vision for what healthcare should be. I lead the design effort for our first clinic, body scanner, in-room flat screen and different devices we have throughout the space, all of which were prototyped and built by our internal team. The development and build of our first clinic was done in collaboration with AJ-A Architects and opened its doors January 2017 in San Francisco, CA. More locations soon to come!

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