Painting with Soy Sauce (speed painting video)

  • This is a speed painting video where I paint with Kikkoman Soy Sauce.
  • In total, the painting took about five hours but I sped up the video to about two minutes. Watch to see my painting process!

    This video is apart of a speed painting series called "Can You Paint With It?" for my YouTube channel (The Art of Marie Louise). In this series, I find a new material from my everyday life to paint with and I record the painting process. I edit the videos in Premiere Pro CC and speed them up sometimes by 9000% to get the videos to about two minutes or less. So far I have speed painting videos painting with perfume, grape spread, and now soy sauce. More videos to come!
  • This is the final painting I made with soy sauce of the Mona Lisa. It was quite fun!
  • I used the bottle of Kikkoman Soy Sauce pictured here.

    I poured this into one of the white bowls and the other bowl I filled with water to rinse out my brushes or for very light tones.

    The other great thing is these materials are affordable and even smell nice when painting!
  • A close up of the drapery.
  • Kikkoman Soy Sauce and brushes.

    I love Cotman watercolor brushes for watercolors or painting with food (coffee, perfume, grape spread, soy sauce, kool aid, etc.)

    Some of the brushes I use get smaller than the 000 brush in this photo!