• Self Composed is an exhibit that Adobe Design created for the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

    It is a unique take on the photo booth, allowing visitors to create their own artwork inside the museum and encouraging them to think more critically about the selfie. Self Composed works by revealing a visitor’s visage through a photogram of objects they carry. They receive a printout of their work with instructions to download the image and share it using #SelfComposed.

  • “Since the museum opened in May 2016, Self Composed has become a wildly popular attraction… In its first four months, more than sixty thousand photogram selfies have been created, printed, and shared.” 
                          —Keir Winesmith, Head of Web and Digital Platforms at SFMOMA
  • Self Composed was inspired by the photogram, an analog technique that captures the silhouette of an object. Photograms have been used by artists in SFMOMA’s collection, including Anna Atkins and Man Ray.
  • This project was created by a small group of volunteers at Adobe, working pro bono, in collaboration with SFMOMA staff and curators.

  • Full credits
    Designers: Sam Wick, Will Ruby, Sonja Hernandez, Erik Natzke
    Engineers: Ming-En Cho, Sean Voisen, Ben Farrell
    Project Manager: Lisa Pedee, Kyla Tripp
    Special Thank You: Angelie Herreria, Ainsley Wagoner, Anny Chen, Faran Njafi, Phil Lu, Patrick Reynolds, Jaqueline Jiang, Dan Cowles