R1 - Small tote bag

  • This project was created for an Intro to Fashion Accessories class. I had never sewn or worked with leather before. The focus of the class was learning the fundamentals of sewing and using the machines properly - not design. But I wanted something more...

  • The Assigned Pattern
    The pattern our class was given was intentionally simple so students could learn to use the machines.
  • The Prototype
    We made a prototype bag out of bonded leather to get some practice before moving to leather.
  • Changes to the Pattern
    I didn't like the bag's proportions. What items would I carry in it? I decided to widen the pattern to fit a laptop.
  • Additional Details
    I sketched out some ideas I had to take the bag to the next level.
  • Laser Cutter
    I used a laser cutter to achieve the pattern on the sides and to etch my logo.
  • Assembly
    Once the pieces were cut out, I skived the edges and began to sew.
  • Final Design