preservation & decomposition

  • In this series, I explored the natural processes of growth, death, and decay. In order to address the discomfort that humans feel towards the idea of bodily decay and our repulsion towards the agents of decay, I sculpted a self portrait designed to harbor such organisms that would destroy it over time. 
    While this experiment of self decomposition was happening over a period of several months, I researched and collected many specimens of fungus and lichen. I discovered that though possessing remarkable abilities to consume and recycle organic material, the organisms themselves are delicate and often have short life spans. To preserve as well as aethetisize the specimens I collected, I cast them in porcelain, assembling the reproductions into beautiful arrangements. 
    The final major pieces of work in this series demonstate in a very autobiogaphical sense the coming to terms with mortality and the inevitable consumption of human body and consciousness by the earth. Life-scale figures crafted vaguely in my own likeness wear peaceful expressions as they are overgrown by colonies of small organisms .