Wooden Drift Boat

  • I designed and built this wooden drift boat from January until May of 2017.  It started as a cardboard mock-up and ended with a launch on Belle Isle in Detroit.  I wanted to create a unique watercraft I could use to fly fish the rivers of northern Michigan.  It needed to be light, portable, and small enough to handle the shallow upper reaches of Michigan's trout streams. 
    The hull is constructed from marine grade Meranti plywood and the ribs and cross supports are made of rot resistant white oak.  White ash and walnut are used for accents like the rails and leg brace, while the floor is made of cedar.  The boat is 10 feet long and 4 feet at the oars and weighs around 160 pounds.  With two people and fishing gear it draws about 4 to 5 inches of water.  I really enjoyed building this boat and can't wait to build the next!  Thank you for viewing this project. Please appreciate.