• Common Pub
  • Common Pub breathed new life into a former lounge space in Detroit’s Midtown neighborhood. Located on the ground floor of the historic Belcrest Apartments , Common Pub offers patrons a wide range of libations, top shelf cocktails, and a unique twist on casual and comfortable favorites. From wings and sliders, to signature dishes like poutine and duck fried chicken, everything on the menu’s got soul. Armed with a playful and unapologetic attitude, and whimsical squirrel mascot, Common Pub is a welcome addition to Midtown’s eclectic dining scene.

    Who’s That? worked with the owners to craft an authentically peculiar identity that serves to capture the restaurant’s keenly approachable sensibilities. A bright, earthy, Mediterranean color palette – inspired by the beets, olives, and peppers that make up the menu items – provides a bold contrast to more neutral tones in the space.  The identity is carried throughout print, web, and environmental assets through the use of highlighted engravers’ drawings of the common herbs and utensils utilized in the pub. The pièce de résistance is a custom marquee sign that proudly claims their place in the neighborhood.  Featuring die-cut orange lettering on three sides, the sign casts a warm glow after dark, beckoning passersby in for a snack or a nightcap.