• This is CCS FCA Sponsored Project.

    The concept that I pursue is the safe bucket list adventure for the family. The number one concern that mother could have when she is traveling with her little children in a foreign country or unusual place will be the children's safety. 
    However, if she suddenly couldn't care for her children what would she want for them? 

    So I designed an AI, separated strong SUV that assures children's safety as well as guarantee the safe family trip. 
    My vehicle has three functions: 1. The main vehicle is a strong SUV to do the adventure with family, 2. When they get into places where the bigger size vehicle cannot fit in, a Segway-like two wheels part separates from the main car so that customers could navigate in places or let it follow and navigate the children at walking pace. 3. A small drone located in the hood separates from the Segway to babysit the kids all the time or could be used to monitor unusual places in advance.