Heartless vs. Hearts Project

  • Heartless vs. Hearts
  • The 3rd Team Reveal Project
  • "Heartless vs Hearts" is a collaborative project between our Team Reveal and Artists 4 a Heart group which was founded to help people by selling some of our works with the purpose of donating the money in order to help some people in need.  

    This 3rd Team Reveal Project set as purpose to let each of the participating artists to express their own views  and feelings related to the opposing ideas described by "Heartless" and  "Hearts"... it's like trying to see in which way the contrast proposed by the theme "Heartless vs. Hearts" reveals in each work  of the artists involved, reuniting to complete  this project I personally am very proud and glad to be able to present to you. 
    Giving special thanks to John Hawkins for offering this opportunity to me and to all of the team members involved and  supporting me in making this happen.


    The countries having participants to this project are: United Kingdom, Denmark, USA, Japan, Germany, Italy, Romania, Russian Federation, Mexico, The People's Republic of Bangladesh.

    Here we are,  showing our commonly shared participating works for this project: 

  • 1. Team Reveal & Artists 4 a Heart video presentation:

  • 2. The presentation of the works of Artists 4 a Heart participating members:

  • & here is Team Reveal's works detailed presentation:
  • Artist: John Hawkins

    Title: Heart vs. Heartless 
    Description : The light of love...breaking through...flowering in the darkness.
    Tools : Digital Camera,Photoshop,Wacom Intuos

  • Artist: Ash Marnich

    Title: "Heartless... Hearts...
                  Hearts... Heartless..."

  • Description: I choose the apple tree to illustrate the idea of “having heart” because it holds a symbolism of giving in many cultures. It’s been a symbol of creativity, creation, virtue and an emblem of art and poetry. In the season that it blossoms, the apple tree is associated with fertility and plentiful bounty. The famine form is used to emphasize the idea of the trees nurturing qualities and sits in a meditative lotus pose to display oneness inside as well as unity with the exterior world.
    The reverse image illustrates the idea of “being heartless” and the opposite qualities of “having heart”. This tree is dead and detached from the exterior world because it has ceased to give and retreated inward. Its branches are fruitless and selfishly curl up, unwilling to reach out and share its bounty.
    The cycles of nature can be a wonderful teacher. Where there is life there is death, darkness yields light, and giving opens up to receiving.  
  • Artist: Barbara Monacelli

    TITLE:  Born behind the wall (refugee series) 
    Technique: mixed media on canvas 
    Dimensions: 20x20 cm
  • Artist: Caroline B Scheibel

    Title:"Emmanuel hearts"

  • Artist: Hamid Sepahzad

    Title: The Stranger in the Mirror
  • Artist: Елена Мазина (Elena Mazina)

    Untitled work

  • Artist: Teodora Oniceanu

    Title: Decisions Pie

    A Heart and two hollows 
    two stones, endless flowers
    of a life that senses all our love
    ...to offer...
                            not all at once.
    Across forever and more
    the infinite strikes,
    this infinite care for the skies 
                              pipelines going up!
    ...  drawing pies... 
    for the flies to keep.
    They fight! You don't know!
    So careless and carefree you move
    towards the innocent flaws.
    Forever ... plus... plus...
    breaking down
    those who cry loud their disillusion!
    Progressively spiralling 
    across this shimmering flight...

              - flawlessly good - 

    His whispers are cold but comforting now.
    He couldn't care less!
    and couldn't love more 
    the nothingness of the empty hole in all of his hearts.

               - fly through -

    Her eyes seek true love
           and warmth of the souls
          that didn't forget how to breathe...
    True love is their air
    So pure and so cold,
    now too warm, then too hot...
    burning it all for the flawless start
                                    of a new heart!

    So complete
    full of cinders that diamonds awake!
              So they shine
    As two opposites of the same piece of sky
    fleeting night.
    - will you find a train that will fight for you later? - 
    So they look and reflect back 
    Our world!

    How did they get there though? 
    This is one question I might have cried for.
    Is it for us to decide who lives and who dies ? 
    maybe still not... quite so indifferent after all!
                                    - ? - 
    Soon changing positions
    Who's empty and who's seeking for hearts now? 
    Who'll leave with no heart and who will find the one? 
                        - which side? - 
    it is up for us to decide...
    sounds good
    always better! 
                                                                       the Hmm!

                         - Who? -

  • Artist: Skin Soul

    Title: "The White Owl's Enchanted Visit"

    My Deep Biophilia
    Our secret language
    Skin Soul
  • Artist: Fury Lotus

    Tittle: Struggle
  • Artist: Mariam Aghajanyan
    Untitled work
  • Artist: Purple Snow

    Title: “Hope, Kindness and Generosity ” 
    Description:  “If you are someone who still carries hope in your heart, kindness in your eyes and generosity in your fingertips despite terrible people happening to you, thank you. You are one of the few truly pure things left in this world, and you deserve to be protected.” By Nikita Gill                                                                                                       
    Technique: Abstract, Acrylic Painting On Canvas
     Finish: Permanent, professional grade,non-yellowing satin varnish
     Size: 50 x 50

  • Artist: inheritMe
    Title: Caught myself, Catching myself
  • We breathe.
    We live.
    We win.
    We lose.
    We strive.
    We seek.
    We leave. 
    We choose.
    We take.
    We break.
    We hold.
    We use.
    We see
    them die.
    Yet scrool
    and snooze.
    We like
    to push
    the truth
    and say
    that help
    is on
    the way.
    Claim that
    we are
    and gold,
    while the leaders
    and scream
    We are
    in fact
    new age