Lighting for Detroit Public Library

    This project is a prototyping project with Neopixels to suggest interactive lighting design for Detroit Public Library.
  • There are many ways to access knowledge and information. One of the convincing ways to get advanced knowledge is education. Also, the Internet is a good way even though relatively we would get superficial and less refined information. However, those ways are not enough for Detroit residents. Compared to other cities near Detroit, its education level is not as high as other cities’. Moreover, Detroit is one of the cities which has the highest number of people who cannot access the Internet. I considered what I can do for Detroit residents and the City of Detroit as an interaction designer, and I decided to make the Detroit Public Library more attractive to inspire people to enter the building using interactive lighting.
  • Two types of interaction are intended in this project. Firstly, I thought the lighting should attract people without any background. The welcome sign shows light changes everytime a visitor enters the building. The second interaction is for visitors who often visit the library. By sending text messages, borrowing books, and using machines in the library, people can vote on various questions that the library asked.