How Important is FUE Post-Operation Care?

  • How Important is FUE Post-Operation Care?
  • I must say that hair transplantation is one of the most interesting experiences in case performed by the right surgeon and the post-operative care and treatment are provided as they ought to. Judging from the any patient’s photos (before & after), you will gain more insight of how the scalp and transplanted hair follicles must be aligned. This will provide you with the excellent way forward of your on hair transplant in India.

    Though post-operation instructions vary as per the centre and the patient, many factors remain crucial, such as handling the scalp.
  • Considerations & Scalp Health

    Many patients attain hair transplant procedures miles from their locality, and this may limit the surgeon’s contact with the patient. However, it is recommended that a patient books a hotel or rents a nearby home for the first few days after his hair transplant.

    The surgeon will monitor a patient and will in the real sense help you attain natural results. Proper handling of the scalp after the surgery is very vital and this includes the right way of cleaning the scalp. It is recommended for a patient to clean his or her scalp, but rather to return to the surgeon the following day for;
  • Examination
    During your visit to the surgeon after a hair transplant, he will examine the hair follicles to make sure that they are still intact. He may wipe the scalp gently to remove the residue and will then apply a cream if necessary.

    On the second day after your surgery, the surgeon will wash your scalp to remove scabs and will automatically provide the necessary procedure of washing your own scalp at home.

    The following washing procedures will transform the scalp and if keen, you will observe that the scalp is neat, clean, and the healing is occurring faster than imagined. This is with the help of the creams that the surgeon applies on the scalp.

    On the 5th day of washing, you will realize that the scalp is more clear without any residue. Proper care and scalp handling instructions help the donor region heal faster, plus the recipient region which eventually reduces scarring.