How to Prevent Monsoon Hair Fall

  • How to Prevent Monsoon Hair Fall
  • Weather changes can affect our hair in many ways, and as some may experience more hair loss in summer as compared to other seasons, others realize increased hair fall in the monsoon season. The high-on- humidity is actually the main reason behind your hair fall since the hair becomes sensitive to airborne hydrogen.

    During this period, it is believed that the hair absorbs hydrogen, forms bonds, and swells until cuticle erupts to make the hair frizzy. Numerous other changes that can lead to the alteration of your hair’s natural anatomy could be the excessive heat from the hair straighteners among others
    However, the hair experts provide effective tips that will reduce your chances of a hair transplant in India.
  • Hair Care- Aloe Vera
    Being a miracle plant is a good definition of aloe Vera. It is not only perfect for the skin, but as well for the hair. Proper massaging of aloe Vera will restore the hair’s pH balance, treat dandruff, treat split ends, reduce itching, and promote hair growth.

    Water intake
    Taking in plenty of water will help you prevent hair loss that manifests itself due to the monsoon effect. Water will help flush out toxins in the body and rather than taking in more juices and sodas, make sure that water is your priority. 8 and more glasses of water are advised on a regular basis.

    Daily Shampooing
    Thoroughly clean your scalp and hair by shampooing on a daily basis. This will help replenish the hair nutrients, keep the scalp clean and keep your hair healthy.

    Cut Caffeine
    Caffeine is one of the most addictive drinks on planet earth as though it is thought to provide various benefits, it may also cause a number of undesirable incidences like hair loss. Simply cut your caffeine intake while replacing it with other drinks like water, milk, and herbal tea.

    It is one of the best fruits for controlling hair loss and promoting hair growth as it contains hormone antecedents, which help revitalize damaged hair follicles.