Exercise & Hair Loss

  • Exercise & Hair Loss – Can Vigorous Excerises Cause Hair Loss?
  • Can something good as physical exercises become a root cause for hair loss in humans? If experts told you, YES, this could become astonishing for quite a long period. However, the sincere answer remains that vigorous exercises could cause hair loss in individuals with weak or damaged hair, especially those who take less care about their hair.
  • How Vigorous Exercises Can Become a Havoc for Your Hair!

    Physical exercises are known to improve or increase blood circulation to the scalp and all over the body, but as you exercise, sweat is being produced which flows all over the body.

    This sweat may dry up on itself, which will cause a dry effect on your hair. In case prone to breakage, you will witness hair fall in the long run

    Also, experts confirm that your sweat consists of lactic acid, which may destroy the protein in your hair causing it to lose its nutrients.

    When seat dries up, it will cause itching and promote the growth of scalp bacteria and fungus. All these induce hair loss in the long run, and if not vigilant, you may end up bald and the only solution would be a hair transplant in India.
  • How to Control or Prevent the Sweat’s Effect on Your Hair?

    Tie Up you Hair
    You will have to tie your hair backward (ponytail) and at least try to prevent it from falling on your body.

    A clean towel
    Before embarking on training or working out, ensure that a clean towel is beside you to dry up the sweat as you exercise.

    A bandana
    As many utilize bandanas for cheering purposes, let the bandana prevent sweat from damaging your hair. Tie it on your scalp or neck

    Shampooing & Cleaning
    Shampoo and thoroughly rinse your hair immediately after working out. This will prevent the effects of sweat on your hair and also rejuvenate the hair’s nutrients

    The verdict
    This information is not aimed at branding physical exercises dangerous in any way, but precautions must be followed prior and after the physical exercises to prevent hair loss

    Please continue exercising as you used to, but let your hair become a priority as you do so.