• I like to work on quick exercises to learn new skills and polish old ones. These are ultimately meant to be fun experiments done during my free time. Always keeping feasibility into account but focusing more on fast concept development and keeping the process free of day-to-day constraints.
  • An energy harnessing device, the Kinetik stores the kinetic energy created by the wearer’s physical movement through their day. Via a companion app, users can access their energy harnessing patterns and connect to others within a location and goalbased network. This will not only encourage people to gather around fitness goals beyond geographic borders, but also increase energy awareness. 

    The goal here was to explore a more tangible rewards system for a fitness tracker.
  • Quick weekend project. A DIY Lamp made of upcycled materials like old Amazon cardboard boxes and beer bottles. The assembly eliminates the need for adhesives and glue. The parts are meant to be laser cut but are simple enough to cut by hand.
  • Autonomous flying drones designed to scout large areas of land to identify rich soil in hard to reach terrain and large expanses of land. They can map out the topography of a particular area and help inform the type of crops to be planted by taking soil samples to maximize the fields' productivity.

    The slick, streamlined design blends with the environment and helps keep the interior electronics from overheating in warm climates by reflecting the sun light.