GMC "Dad Like a Pro"


    GMC's "Like a Pro" campaign set out to humanize the brand's established, engineering-focused "We are Professional Grade" positioning. But how do you get manly truck guys to care about more than just cold numbers and hard facts?

    Hit them where it counts:


    On Father's Day.
  • More than a TV spot.
    In addition to the Father's Day exclusive broadcast blitz, we pushed out the message in the social space. And received a ton of parental props, and mini-Sierra pics, in return.
  • Like father, like son, like a Pro.
    To make the relationship feel more authentic, we cast a real-life father and son.
  • People can't get enough of the mini-Sierra.
    Designed as a one-time Father's Day exclusive, the spot was so well received that a new 30 second version just kept going and going and going. (Sorry, football fans...)
  • Credits
    Engage M1 Leo Burnett
    Team Members
    Creative Director: Patrick McHugh
    Associate Creative Directors: Matt Perry, Stephen Kerry, John Carstens
    Executive Producer: Brian Dooley, Agnieszka Palarz
    Production Company: Park Pictures
    Director: AG Rojas