• Candy Cane Deer
    A creature straight out of a winter wonderland! This whimsical ornament is a beautiful, artistic addition to any tree. The ornaments are printed on clear acrylic to give the snowflakes the illusion of floating.
    The ornaments were printed and laser-cut by Zap! Creatives, and assembled myself by hand. The realistic polymer clay candy cane beads were purchased off a crafter who sells on etsy. Also shown below are the mock-ups that I made to show how the finished ornament would look, in order to help costumers visualize the product during preorder sales. The holographic stickers were made as a free gift with preorders. The were printed myself and cut by hand myself. The holographic sparkle is achieved via a cold laminate that I overlay by hand on top.
    Available for purchase on my Storenvy and on my Etsy.
  • Santapaca
    A festive alpaca in a Santa hat, inspired by a request from one of my Patrons on my Patreon! These stickers are printed myself, and cut out individually by hand myself using non-stick scissors. In order to achieve the holographic sparkle, I overlaid a clear cold laminate by hand on top of the printed image. 
    Available for purchase on my Storenvy and on my Etsy.