• Mom Town (2017) |
    Mom Town is an anticipatory service scenario design project to have positive impacts on infant mortality rate in Detroit by dealing with social determinant factors that affect population health.
  • Graduate Studio Class sponsored by Authority Health and Ford Community Corps Program
  • The Infant Mortality Rate is the number of infant deaths that occur for every 1,000 live births. This rate is often used as an indicator to measure the health and well-being of a nation because factors affecting the health of entire populations can also impact the mortality rate of infants.

    The top five leading causes of infant mortality together account for over half (57%) of all infant deaths that happened in the United States in 2014, these are:
    Birth defects –Preterm birth and low birth weight-Maternal complication of pregnancy- Sudden Infant Death Syndrome –Injuries (e.g. suffocation)

    The risk of maternal and infant mortality and pregnancy-related complications is higher on women with existing health risks condition as:
    Hypertension and heart disease – Diabetes – Depression - Genetic conditions - Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) -Tobacco use and alcohol abuse - Inadequate nutrition - Unhealthy weigh
  • Target Population

    Detroit woman populations who struggle with stress such as poverty, isolation and low health education specifically when are becoming or are mothers.

    Social Factors: 11 to 35 years old, low or no maternal literacy, limited education, physical disabilities, and poverty.
  • MOM_TOWN bridges the last mile gap between the Primary Care Health System and the everyday lives of Detroit’s women.
  • Scope of Service

    MOM_TOWN amplifies the reach of the healthcare system by serving as vital eyes and ears to HEALTHCARE various stakeholders and providing initial support to the patients who need the most help.
  • Women Characteristics Who Would Benefit Most

    Women who are not under any Healthcare plan, who do not keep appointments, frequently run out of programs, utilize only emergency rooms.