District Detroit's Branding Identity System


    About the District:
    District Detroit will be 50 blocks of thriving businesses, parks, restaurants, bars and event destinations. It will be home to the young and the young at heart, families, new residents and long-time residents who want to be where the action is. The District will connect Downtown and Midtown into one contiguous, walkable area, where families, sports fans, entrepreneurs, job seekers, entertainment lovers and others who crave a vibrant urban setting can connect with each other and the 
    city they love.

    The Project:
    Communication Design seniors are to develop informed identity strategies for the District Detroit community that would include strategies for the five distinctive neighborhoods including Cass Park Village, Woodward Square, Columbia Street, Wildcat Corner, and Columbia Park. It is understood that The District Detroit is the umbrella for these various centers and the identity system will be flexible and able to accommodate various hierarchies as relevant to the communication needs. Students will work in teams to develop their solutions providing Olympia Development and Ilitch Charities several unique dynamic solutions.

    In summary, the community identity strategy will be a system that embraces the multifaceted nature of this new and emerging development project within the city of Detroit’s mid town neighborhood. 

    Our Audience:
    The audience is the District Detroit neighborhood community, visitors to this district and the city, and the citizens
     of the metro area.

    Promise and Essence:
    District Detroit will craft a distinct experience through connections of communities while celebrating the city’s thinkers 
    and makers while forging small ideas into big experiences.

    Goals and Objectives:
    Create an engaging place where the visitor becomes the maker while embedding Detroit’s history and future into the neighborhoods to inspire the visitor.

    Brand Story:
    Remember us? We’re the ones who told the story of the garage—the vessel that holds a creative energy. Much like our classroom this semester, it’s the workspace where we are crafting, wrenching, rocking, tinkering and testing. Detroit has pattern of people, art and industries that were built in the garage. The garage represents the transition of a small idea 
    into a bigger reality.