• Background

    A nebulizer is a device that converts liquids into a sprayable, inhalable mist, but does so without applying heat - an important quality when using certain medications.
    Jet nebulizers are the most common and the least expensive type on the market. Jet nebulizers use pressure created by an air compressor to nebulize the solution.
    Vibrating mesh nebulizers (VMT) are a fairly recent development and are much more sophisticated. They use a small ultrasonic vibrating mesh to shake up the water particles until they turn into an aerosol. Ultrasonic frequencies make them silent to human ears and allow for finer particles that penetrate lungs more efficiently. This technology also allows for a more compact and portable design, although it is also more costly.


    A mesh nebulizer is a portable, convenient product that costs a considerable amount of money. people who buy them are likely to use them for many years.
    This is a good platform to create a modern, friendly design that adds to the value of an already valuable device, giving it a character and elevating it above a generic medical device to something more personal.

  • The nebulizer comes in a carrying case that also has its own battery and acts as a portable charging dock, making it easier to travel with.