Mantis Shrimp: Biomimicry

  • Scope_ Study nature to find an abandoned building in Detroit, and from the living organism, take it’s best qualities and design a space that will improve Detroit’s economy and well-being of the people.
    Concept_  The selection of the abandoned building was The Packard Plant in Detroit. The plant has an abundance amount of vacant space. Detroit’s people suffer, so this came to the conclusion on providing an area that would help the people. People in Detroit need help, this space intent is just that, to help individuals that will then in return help their city. The end result being a medical space to help those in need.
  • Location: Packard Plant, Detroit Michigan
                                                                     -vacant space of about 3,500,000 sq ft
                                                                     -an abundance source of natural light    
  • The Packard building being abandon has an abundance of space for everything the Color Therapeutic Stimulation Center (CTSC) needs.
    3 Stories
    -1st floor: Storage purposes                                               3rd floor: CTSC floor
    -2nd floor: Ground level                                                      -Reception area
    -Non-profit offices                                                                 -Waiting room
    -Profit offices                                                                         -2 therapy rooms
    -Pharmacy                                                                             -7 test/exam rooms
    -Reception areas                                                                 -4 lab/recording rooms
    -Restrooms                                                                           -Doctor offices
    -Restaurant                                                                           -Doctor/employee
    -Coffee shop                                                                         
  • Sketching of areas, inspired from the mantis eyes