Burj Khalifa Freefall

  • "Art direction": myself. 
     Art, Design, and Just About Everything Good: Nathan Anderson, @nathanandersonart, personal website

       In English
    Burj Khalifa Freefall
    Plummet Weightlessly 
    Inside the World's Tallest Elevator
    Completely Safe, Inshallah. 

  • In Arabic   
    برج خليفة السقوط الحر
    اهبط مع انعدام الجاذبية 
    من داخل أطول مصعد في العالم
     بأمان تام، إن شاء الله
  • Also included below are all sketch iterations that lead up to the final poster.

    Below, checking out a "islamic green" skydiver. Thought there was maybe too much blue. The green didn't really look right. Also added was the sunset in the visor. 
  • Below, the two images I sent Nathan originally. 
    "Please be inspired by this Joseph Binder 1939 NYC world's fair poster. And here's a sketch of what I had in mind...."