Meraki Coffee Shope

  • Pronounced: me’raci
    Greek word: μεράκι describing when you perform an activity, put your heart and soul into it.
    -Since meraki means “forms the heart” adding a heart at the end makes this the coffee shop’s brand image.
  • Scope_ Design a coffee shop, but also incorporate a “performing” area and an art gallery area. Creating a unique space that will let each of these areas perform their desired tasks, but keeping them in the same space so one does not compete with the other.
    Concept_ Being inspired by modernism and the simplicity of warm colors from a cup of cappuccino. Taking those elements of warm colors of simple and clean lines and incorporating them into a space, relates to how a coffee shop should be. It should be warm and inviting, but also be aesthetically and visual pleasing.
  • PVT Screen found throughout space.