Illustrations for Group Zines and Anthologies

  • Chubby Anthology Volume 4: Stellar
    I created this illustration for the Chubby Anthology Volume 4: Stellar. Chubby Anthology is a series of indie zines filled with illustrations and mini comics. The zine focuses on body positivity and characters with a variety of body types, and is LGBT+ inclusive. A sci-fi and outer space theme is portrayed in the fourth volume, which features art and comics by over 30 indie creators from around the globe! You can support the Kickstarter here to help fund the printing of the book and accompanying merchandise.

    For my illustration, I went the sci-fi romance route, portraying a lesbian astronaut meeting up with her pansexual alien girlfriend against a starry and planetary background. The astronaut has the lesbian pride flag stitched to her space suit, and the alien's skin and outfit colors reflect those of the pansexual pride flag.