Chargeworx Visual Standards

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    Chargeworx was created in 2014 and has quickly grown into a competitor within the charging accessories market. As the lead designer of Chargeworx ideation towards improvement came to me constantly, these documents were created to share internally with other packaging designers, marketing, industrial designers, writers, photographers, and project management to push design forward. These files exist to refine the internal design process, further individualize the brand from the competition, and set shareable goals to work towards as well as reference current improvement benefits to previous practice.


    Individuals involved.
    Lead Designer . Herald Urena
    Writer . Laura Anne Powell
    Photographer . Vitor Taxiera

  • Industrial design carried out using Solidworks and Keyshot
    Standards in apps, updated websites, signage & collateral, and further depth into product branding will be explored and refined in further dates.
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