Bailey Morgan -- Portfolio Highlights 2018

  • This is a collection of my portfolio highlights.


    Valkyrie is a thermal regulating layered women's snowboarding coat designed for Xenith.

    *apart of College for Creative Studies and Xenith's Sponsored Studio

  • Bloodstream

    an app and blood pressure monitor cuff  designed for a more seamless, enjoyable and portable experience

  • Botavo

    Botavo Is An Eco-Friendly Approach To Kitchen Lighting.

    Botavo grows plants and herbs in your kitchen while emitting a warm and comforting glow to improve mood.
    * featured on Yanko Design

  • bump

    bump is an phone case and companion app designed to make the experience of inductive charging amongst friends on mobile devices simpler.


    Gothenburg is a nordic design influenced portable pedestal fan that uses white noise to aid in sleeping.

  • bmorg

    a personal branding project

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