Chevrolet GoalKeepers

  • Chevrolet GoalKeepers
  • 94% of female leaders played sports as a girl.
    Chevrolet partnered with the Women Sports Foundation to create a year long mentorship program for eleven talented female football players from across the globe. We created GoalKeepers, a project dedicated to inspiring girls to set goals, and then empowering them to keep them.
  • Program Vision
  • This video kicked off the partnership between Chevrolet and the Women Sports Foundation, and announces the year long mentorship program for the eleven female athletes. It features Billie Jean King, icon and founder of the Women Sports Foundation.
  • Legendary women speak about the importance of setting goals and what it takes to achieve them.
  • Meet Jiacheng & Jingyi From China. Each of the eleven GoalKeepers were featured in a short bio video.
  • DAD GAME Episode 1
  • Manchester United players past and present share stories about their daughters and the power of sports.
  • We created GoalKeeper Rules, a series of social posts created from share worthy quotes from the Legends.
  • Co-created content helped spread awareness of GoalKeepers on media platforms like Fatherly.
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