USMC Komainu Semi-Autonomous Rescue Robot

  • Komainu translates to "Lion", esteemed in Japan as a symbol of strength and protection.  Its approachable, lion-inspired form factor and adaptive user interface is equipped with a friendly multicolor LCD face (Maneframe) which greets, instructs, and comforts victims.  Maneframe is equipped with 2 IR cams and lidar, and articulates to gain leverage over high obstacles and meet the height of humans of varying heights.  It talks to humans, provides guidance on cargo access, and even converts to an interactive video game to help distract children from a stressful situation.  And following supply distribution, Maneframe turns 180 degrees to face the operator, displaying NAV guidance and telecommunications on the way back to base.  The white & red color scheme is designed to mimic many Japanese ambulances, familiar to locals.