USMC Hip 2B Semi-Autonomous Rescue Robot

  • H.I.P. = Human-Interactive Protection

    The mobility advantage of Hip 2B is its 4-sided 360-degree traction, active shape-shifting tread profiles, and footprint-enhancing width tranformation.  4 hydraulic pistons extend Hip 2B’s drive sprockets outward from a 40” x 40” footprint, and serve suspension and active shape-shifting duties.  Active road wheels also push tread into new profiles to match approaching terrain for maximum traction.  Batteries are located in a shaft ventilated, waterproof chamber at the bottom, as are two removable 110-liter water containers.
    An onboard robotic arm shifts debris away from the travel path, gently interacts with civilians, aids in supply distribution, and serves to correct the rover’s orientation in case of a lateral tip-over.

    Hip’s human-centered digital companion flips up into view, and houses autonomous navigation hardware.  It guides soldiers in transit with topography & disaster severity maps, real-time situational feedback, and video base communications.  Flipped down, it performs victim body scans for on-site, pre-medivac health analyses.
    A separate heli-liftable stretcher module extends to accommodate a victim.  Each is equipped with localized oxygen tank + respirator, diagnostics, cooled blood packs, IV fluid, and a blanket.  All health aid assets ride up with the victim during a heli-lift to maintain life support during transition from rover.  An integrated harness keeps the victim in place, and tie downs enable loose cargo to be transported on the way to sites.