A2B Tricycle for Disabled (2008)

  • Disabled children around the world ride trikes, it’s more than a recreational activity. Hospitals and rehabilitation centers use tricycles for rehabilitation, promoting independence, muscle development, and balance.
    Conceived after visiting a children’s hospital in Jerusalem, I created the A2B trike so disabled kids could mount and ride by themselves. When a child mounts the trike, stepping on the pedal locks the wheels, enabling the child to literally walk over the rear wheel right into a seated position. The chest support keeps the child stabilized, and the whole trike can be customized and easily fitted to each child’s needs. The gear in hub based rear wheel makes it easy for the child to pedal since less force is required to drive the system. The steering is cable driven so very small movements translate into larger ones providing for the various hand disabilities.
    All model making, design, fabrication, machining and milling by me
  • Functional model testing with disabled children in the Alyn hospital Jerusalem
  • Article in Metropolis magazine