• Lip Sync Battle

    Show Packaging

    Lip Sync Battle is the Hollywood equivalent of those “concerts” you threw in your best friend’s basement when you were twelve. Going into it’s fourth season, Lip Sync Battle wanted an updated look for 2018. Working with Casey Patterson Entertainment as well as the team at And/Or, we created a rock n’ roll, VIP show open that puts the show’s steady stream of A-list stars in the center. My role in this project was initial design and logo exploration, asset and storyboards design, and animation assistance.
  • CLIENT: Casey Patterson Entertainment
    STUDIO: And/Or Studio
    ROLE: Design & Animation
    TEAM: Kelli Miller, Diana Mandelare-Au, Sarah Cohen, Olga Povarchuk, Alec Donovan, Diksha Watwani, Adam Wentworth, Matt Burke, Peter Yang, and Adam Mengual