• truTV

    2017 Rebrand & 2018 Brand Refresh

    Originally emerging as a court tv channel, then morphing into a reality tv network, truTV outgrew its old branding as it made its final evolution into becoming a comedy network. Working with the team at And/Or, we were able to create a simple, bold and flexible, identity that worked with tru’s talent, personality, and butt jokes.

    I helped see this project through from the beginning to end (fall 2016 - spring 2018). I was involved in the original pitch that awarded And/Or the job, the initial design exploration and ideation for the new brand, implementing design across a wide variety of assets, and most importantly I am responsible for the truTV brand guidelines that are used internally at the network. I am a walking, talking truTV styleguide.
  • CLIENT: truTV
    STUDIO: And/Or Studio
    ROLE: Design & Animation
    TEAM: Kelli Miller, Kendra Eash, Nika Offenbac, Alec Donovan, Diana Mandelare-Au, Meredith Alloway, Zack Tupper, Sarah Cohen, Erin Kilkenny, Yussef Cole, Olga Povarchuk, Stephanie Swart, Diksha Watwani, and Christie Brown
    AUDIO: You Too Can Woo, and Liz Fausak