Nike Women's Marathon | Safeway Sponsorship

  • Client: Safeway
    Project: Nike Women's Marathon, Safeway Reusable bag and Safeway Signage
    Art Director: Tom Bosch, Macy Chan
    Safeway is the second sponsor to the annual Nike Women's Marathon held in San Francisco. I created the look and feel of all signage for Safeway sponsored booths and signs for event. Including the free bag given to the runners at the end of the marathon, the Safeway booth at the Nike Expotique, all Safeway Cheer Zones and the Safeway Stretching center.
    I wanted to convey that Safeway has everything you need for any of life's needs. Whether it's a family meal or training for a Marathon, I created the copy "Safeway with You from Start to Finish" to support how Safeway meets all you needs. The bag was first created to give the campaign a look and feel. I was inspired by running apps on your phone their track your progress using GPS. With this idea I created a path that wraps around the bag featuring illustrations of important points you pass during the Nike Women's Marathon. So at the end of this race this reusable bag isn't just for groceries and errands, but it's also a reminder of the path the you ran, and that from start to finish Safeway was there cheering you along and supplying water and snacks to fuel you. We were given a limited of 4 colors, plus white and black, along with the direction that it needed to be different but compliment the Nike campaign. We pulled color inspiration from Nike and used simple illustrations to compliment it. An estimated 20,000 women and men ran in the race each receiving their bag after the finishing chute. I hope that these bags help those runners in their everyday life as well as act as a reminder for their finish.
  • Inital bag concept drawing I did for Safeway's campaign.
  • Final bag, will get photos soon
  • Close up on a few of the SF landmark illustrations
  • Banner ad for Marathon at the Marina Safeway in San Francisco.
  • Human "Hamster Wheel" at the Safeway booth during Nike's Expotique.
  • Safeway During the Marathon
  • A Safeway Cheer Zone in Golden Gate Park featuring local drum squads.
  • Safeway Stretch Tent in the Finisher village.
  • above image from Nike website
    with your from start to finish