Claiming Spaces

  • This ongoing body of work revolves around a many-layered concept and includes work in many mediums. While investigating relationships between humanity and nature in a previous body of work, I became fascinated with the distinction of spaces occupied by civilized humans and untamed nature. I began to think of the endless interactions in which the boundaries between these spaces are breached, which brought me back to my rural hometown and rather wild upbringing. Many of the works have to do with specific personal interactions I have had in my life, while other tangents focus intently on interactions common to the general area I grew up in. Several main branches of thought focus on invasive species, and how they effect/are effected by humans. However, I do not take a stance as to the positivity or negativity of these interactions; I simply record my own observations and cognitive responses to them in an almost scientific manner. Because I find them so fascinating, I investigate each thoroughly through a series of sketches, diagrams, paintings, and sculptures, translating them into a viewable spectacle for others to wonder about.