Medical Resident Space

  • Inspiration
  • Scope_ Medical residents in Crittenton Hospital are on their feet completing tasks assigned to them from a doctor (in a hight position). In order for a resident to practice medicine on their own, they go through a residency program, depending on their preference it may last 3-7 years. Since they are medical trainees, they are constantly on the move, and must rest when they have time. 
    Concept_ By creating curves and semi-circles this allows the user to feel encompassed and will become relaxed, they will have the feeling they become one with the space. They become embraced through the architectural elements, from convex and concave walls, curved ceiling panels, curved lighting fixtures that almost give the essence that the user can touch them, since the objects create a rhythm. The material selections allow the residents to feel comfortable and become embraced by the lounge seating, allowing the eye to have a visually relaxing view, and by touching the materials the residents will feel in a luxurious small gate away.
    Bringing curves in through the ceiling allows the areas to “embrace” the space with the residents. This “embrace” is seen from the entry and spreads throughout the whole space. Ideally the end users must feel comfortable in the space they are in, and they must be able to move about when performing the necessary task their are performing. Each space gives off warmth, comfort, and encircles the user. The fire pieces in the lounge embrace the user and give off warmth. The massage room gives the resident a chance to escape to after a long day on their feet. This space does just that; here residents are embraced in comfort and can perform their basic necessities in the designated areas they choose to be in. 
    Objective_ Design a break/ temporary living area for six medical residents in which they can sleep, eat/drink, perform research, store belongings, and hold meetings when necessary.
  • Rendered Floor Plan NTS
  • Entry
    Elevation_1 (refer to floor plan) NTS
  • Seating Lounge
    Elevation_2 (refer to floor plan) NTS
  • Seating Lounge
    Elevation_3 (refer to floor plan) NTS
  • On- Call room 
    Elevation_6 (refer to floor plan)
  • On-Call Room 
    Elevation_4 (refer to floor plan) NTS
  • Hallway View
  • Conference Room View
  • Lounge View