Milton Glaser: Art is...Reflective

  • This book was designed following extensive research of the legendary graphic designer, Milton Glaser. Milton Glaser: Art is...Reflective is an essay written by me, where I discuss different milestones Glaser has seen throughout his long career as well as voice my critique of his work and ideals.  The use of long columns is meant to reflect Glaser's proud persona, while the texture of the color pencil is meant to echo his constant use of  drawing techniques in his work. I decided to include many quotes by Glaser from the many talks and lectures he gives, direct quotes by Glaser are highlighted in red so the reader can quickly understand they are reading a direct quote. The cover of this book folds out into a poster and is my response to the Art is...  posters series Glaser has participated in many times.
    Number of pages // 71
    Typography // Avenir LT Std  22pt, New Aster LT Std 9pt/14pt
    Book dimensions // 7.5in x 10in
    Neenah paper //ENVIRONMENT Papers, PC 100 White, Smooth Digital