• #IfIhadthechanceto

    I made a list of people who I think are extremely talented and who I would want to work with in a series I call If I had a chance to. I reworked music covers and reimagined what they would look like if was given the opportunity to create or creative direct them. ​​​​​​​Follow the series on my instagram. 
  • The first in that list is @tobenwigwe this man is Fuego. I love all his videos, songs, his flows are unmistakable and he's Nigerian like me. #ifihadthechanceto to create the Day One's cover I would do something like this or in the style of my #imagodeiart series if I chose to draw. The cover plays off @tobecallsmefat being his Day One. If you zoom in you can see the crosses in their grillz (had to add that lol) I would use the same colors from the OG cover and photo reference from the photo by @fredagho
  • The second person in that list is @chancetherapper because his music is dope and the progression in his music through the trilogy of his mixtapes is remarkable. Summer Friends still might be my favorite song off the current mixtape and Same drugs is my favorite video with all the added vocals at the end. #ifihadthechanceto to create the Coloring Book cover I would do something like this if I had to draw. The cover uses the same motif of his previous two mixtape covers of using Chance's upper torso and face. I put my spin on it by putting his daughter coloring (visual pun with coloring book lol) on record deals (contracts). If you zoom in you can see her color a picture of their family too (I had to add that). I would use the same colors from the fire OG cover by @bbreauxand photo reference from the photo by whoever shot the thank you Obama series (I think it was @nolis)
  • The third person in that list is @malimusic because he made one of my favorite worship songs ever Yahweh. This song and the reprise are still in my playlist rotation. #ifihadthechanceto to create the Yahweh cover I would do something like this if I used @photoshop alone. I wanted to strictly use photoshop for this one to show some of my skills. I created a mashup of iconic Italian ceiling murals. If you zoom in you can see where I replace the center with the clouds which represents the holy place from the old testament. I included the interior pieces to show how God's spirit lives inside believers with the beautiful art. The interior beauty also reflects his looking up to God pose in the photo. Respect to whoever shot the original photos.
  • #ifIhadthechanceto work with Gambino on some cover art I would create a cover like this for terrified off of Awaken my love. That was my favorite track off that album along with redbone and me and your mama of course. I used 1960s Jazz album covers as an inspiration for this. I used a picture reference from the @hollywoodreporter I tried to make it spooky like the song sounds and dramatic.
  • #IfIhadthechanceto work with @hillsongunited and create the oceans acoustic version cover I would create something like this. I enjoy the way the modern simple design contrasts the ancient iconic print of The Great Wave off Kanagawa by Hokusai to create this piece. Anytime I can incorporate some art history it makes my inner art snob smirks lol. This is the fourth piece from my little series let me know what you think.
  • One of my favorite songs from @beleafmel is you're okay, maybe that isn't the most popular joint but it's my favorite.#ifihadthechanceto work with him on the single cover I would make something like this if I chose to draw. Full disclosure I had to rework this because they announced they are pregnant so I had to add another kid lol and in their video, they used this song. Photo references from Beleaf's posts.​​​​​​​
  • One of my many inspirations to make beautiful and truthful art and work is propaganda. He is multi-talented, Christian, and dope. #ifihadthechanceto to make a single cover for @prophiphop 's it's complicated it would look something like this...View with the sound on to hear part of the track that inspired this art.
  • #ifihadthechanceto create the cover for Sonshine I would use elements from everything that makes Swoope dope. I included references to all his projects/singles, the colors for the original cover, and I used this image because I think this what he would look like when some passes him the aux for this heat lol. Shout-out to whomever shot the reference photo. I made it so bright to reinforce the theme of Hope in Christ. The cooler tones in the background to represent the despair and depression that can come with life (it also makes for some dope contrast visual and thematically). I put the title on his hat to give slight nod to chance the rapper's 3 hat and because it would be dope as merch 🤔. Swipe right to see how it came to be.
  • The fear of God by @eshonburgundy his record is has no skippable tracks. It was the first album I heard from him and I was overwhelmed by the music and biblical truth throughout. Come Alive is one of my favorite tracks on there third only to the intro and The fear of God feat Shai Linne. Go check it out when you have a moment. It's theologically rich and real. I thought it was fitting to put the song on the replay so you can watch the art Come alive lol (shameless pun). The art direction was inspired by a bar in the song "look a dead man in his eyes and yell come alive." If Come alive was a single and #ifihadthechanceto create the cover for it, I would create something like this. It plays off the cover art for the album with the skull. I used a super thick brush stroke to spell out come alive. Then used flowers for the visual metaphor of growing juxtaposed with the skull. I put flowers in the skull mouth to subtly reference Proverbs 18:21 KJV Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof. It was also supposed to acknowledge that Eshon is spitting life with these bars.I used a lot of references for this including one of Eshon's IG photos.
  • #ifihadthechanceto create the single cover for this song I would use similar elements from the original cover but simply it. If I chose to draw I would use very bright color to reflect the feelings of cords in the song; a thick serif font, and a stark white background to increase the contrast.