Wimp Olympics: 30s Commercial Spot

  • This 30-second commercial spot was a five-week team project in my Animation III project. My role: Director of a team of 7; sound designer; animation, clean up, and lining on Dungeons and Dorks scene; clean up, lining, and color on third announcer scene, and compositor. I got to work with a great, hard-working team that consisted of: Bailey Abbott, Kyler Clodfelter, Cole Cummings, Jaron Johnson, Darrell Williams, and Taylor Shallal. A special thanks goes out to our teacher and mentor, Steve Stanchfield.
  • My scene. Animation, cleanup, final line, and compositie. Layout: Darrell Williams.
  • Dungeons and Dorks Layout: Darrell Williams
  • Line Weight 
  • Coloring and Expressions: Darrell WIlliams
  • Coloring and Expressions: Bailey Abbott
  • Coloring and Expressions: Bailey Abbott
  • The Initial Pitch: Cole Cummings