• ābl


    Sector: Mobility Aids
    Contribution: Product Strategy & Product Design


    While canes are intended to serve as a trusty companion, providing stability and confidence, not everyone finds a cane that they are proud to display at their side. Some people who would benefit from using a cane​ still choose to do without one because of the negative connotations they have towards mobility aids.

    While there is a sea of canes to choose from out there, many convey a clinical feel. Constructed from plastic and aluminum, combined with clanky adjustment features, canes are often cold and impersonal.

    As we looked to design this walking cane, our challenge was to design a product that offers a clean and modern alternative.


    We focused on improving the user's experience with the cane, both physically and emotionally. Improved functionality and thoughtful aesthetics would come together to achieve this.

    Aesthetically, we set out to create an authentic cane that compliments its user. This authenticity was created by designing the cane around a timeless form with genuine materials to give a personal feel.


    Bending over to pick a cane up off the floor is difficult, if not impossible for some. ābl's flared rubber grip tip provides extra traction while walking and also gives users the freedom to stand the cane beside them without having to hunt for a table or chair to lean it on.

    Wrapped in cushioned leather, ābl's ring-shaped handle ergonomically positions the user's grip directly over the cane's shaft, increasing both comfort and stability.

    ābl's genuine materials of stitched leather, solid wood, and natural rubber wrap this classic design in an aesthetic that flatters its user.


    By elevating both the user's physical and emotional experience, ābl transforms itself from a mobility aid to a personal accessory.