A whole book based on the font Serifa

  • This book was a great project because it just developed on it's own. I just had to follow it's lead. ¬†As I was researching Serifa it kept referring that it was just univers with slabs and wasn't a real font. It felt like it was the ugly stepchild. Also, I couldn't find any images or instances where Serifa was used on a logo or in an ad. Which led me to create my own images. So, since these fonts have "families" I decided to use the concept of Serifa being the forgotten sibling. Since I have two daughters they were my models, with the eldest representing Univers and the youngest representing Serifa and for holding the signs and sassy comments by those two fonts. Now, the book had two stories happening: one in text and one in image. And pretty darn funny if you ask me.