Sector: Children's Products
    Contribution: Product Strategy & Product Design


    A weekend visit to Grandma's or an overnight hotel stay highlights the issue that destinations outside of the child's home are often not kid-accessible. These environments are equipped with standard height sinks, countertops, and adult sized beds, but not stocked with stepping stools. This leads to an added dependence on an adult, while also adding inconvenience to travel.


    Our goal is to encourage exploration and bolster a child's imagination. In order to do so, we set out to create a product solution that not only promotes independence and convenience, but is also embraced by the child. The solution must satisfy the needs and wants of both the parent and child.​​​​​​​


    We designed the ultimate kid's travel companion by combining a suitcase and step stool into one. In the upright position, hop can be easily pulled down an airport terminal or pushed around a bedroom. Once tipped on its side, hop becomes a stepping stool that the child can use to reach the bathroom sink to brush her teeth or to hop up into a big kid bed.
    All of hop's features have been designed for operation by kids. While an adult will benefit from the shoulder strap or the ability to pull hop while their kid enjoys a ride on top of it, hop's top priority is the child's independence.​​​​​​​


    By offering independence to kids and convenience to adults, hop adds ease to travel and puts the focus back on making memories. With it's playful, but clean aesthetic and kid-focused user experience, hop is the suitcase that kids ask for and parents adore.