Technology Advisory Board Workshop Series

  • Technology Advisory Board (TAB)
    Workshop Series
    The Advanced Manufacturing, Materials, and Processes (AMMP) TAB workshop is a workshop shop series based on visual thinking and design thinking principles which various stakeholders from industry, academia and the Department of Defense gathered to develop novel new ideas to approach several of the U.S. Army’s Modernization Priorities and begin developing strategic investment plans to present to government sponsors.
    The AMMP TAB meetings use a workshop methodology designed to engage members in new ways to support fresh perspectives and creative problem solving. Diverse teams of TAB members work together to address technology gaps, generate original ideas, and discuss necessary steps to start outlining a potential series of projects. Each TAB meeting works to expand on the original questions to develop a vertically integrated project plan to address the Army’s Modernization Priorities.
    The goal for these workshops is to have a strategic investment plan that is rooted in each area of interest or modernization priority that supports both the AMMP Mission and Vision. Ideally, several roadmaps will be produced which the AMMP Program can pursue.  

    Workshop 1 (February) –  Develop Challenge Statements
    Workshop 2 (June) –  Develop “Moon Shot” and Project outline(s)
    Workshop 3 (September) – Refine Project Plan, Draft Concept Paper (Value Stream Mapping) and Present Projects
    Workshop 4 (November) –  Year in Review/Next steps/Awards

    As the Design Lead and Project Manager, I developed the framework and exercises for each of the workshops, developed the project scope for subcontractors, conducted out briefs, and workshop analysis,  facilitated (one of the four groups), and visualized all content for reporting back to the Board. 

    This was a multi-phase project with many parts that are still in process. Much of the information is proprietary and confidential.