Team Reveals 8th Team Project Spirituality

  •                                          Team Reveals 8th Team Project

                                                         ' SPIRITUALITY '

    The artist's who collaborated in this Project are from : Denmark, Colombia, Spain, Canada, Switzerland, Hungary, Ukraine, UK, Romania, USA, Japan, Russian Federation, Poland, Italy, Germany, Kuwait, Belarus, Portugal, Lithuania and Hong Kong.

    Thank you all for your amazing support of this project :-) and for your amazing works! - John.
  •                            Title : Enquire

                               Artist : Johns Digital Art      Tools : Digital Camera, Adobe Photoshop,
  •                            Artist : Purple Snow

                              Materials: Acrylic on Canvas, 2019

                              Title: “You, like All else, are Spirit“

                              Description: Spirituality means seeing things as they are and not as we   
                              would like them to be. It means recognizing who we are, overcoming the 
                              egocentric view and perceiving ourselves as part of nature, the cosmos 
                              and the divine. 
                              It means being open to transcendent ideas like the immortal soul or the                              afterlife.  Through this openness, we can learn to defeat the fear of death                            and of uncertainty.
                             Materials: Acrylic on Canvas, 2019
  • Artist : Zarema Abdullaieva

    Title : Spiritual Balance
  • Artist : Nulleya

    Title : Spiritual Unity
  •                           Artist : Esperanza Manzanera Velmock

                              Title : Leave

  • Artist : Monica A. Quijano L.

    Psalm 0
    It is time to sing to You like the birds,
    and forgetting you have all the answers.
  •    Artist : Hamid Shepahzad
  • Artist : Teodora Oniceanu
  • Artist : Caroline Berstrom Scheibel

    Title : Love not War
  •                           Artist : Fury Lotus

                              Title : Fluctuation
  • Artist : Ash Marnich

    It would have been easy for me to go down an existential rabbit hole with this project but I decided to take a lighter approach. My thoughts and ideas on creation and the afterlife are always shifting, weaving and transforming so I found it fitting to use the symbolism of tentacles.

    Materials: Ink, watercolor, digital paint
    Piece Name: I.P.S.O   a.k.a interdimensional psychedelic Space Octopus
  •                           Artist : Zoya Gregory

                              Title:  'Terra Incognita' 
                              After Richard Wagner's opera 'Parsifal'.
                              My profound and spiritual quest for the unattainable, the 'Holy Grail', with                            Wagner's music.

                             “Parsifal is on his way to the temple of the Grail Knights and says: “I                                      hardly move, yet far I seem to have come”, and the all-knowing                                            Gurnemanz replies: “You see, my son, time turns here into                                                    space”― Richard Wagner 

  • Artist : Viktoria Kovats

    Title : Solaris
  • Artist : Christie Ma

    Title: “breathbone”

    graphite on paper
    14 hours

    To embody intergenerational trauma.
    To embody a collective spirit spanning millennia.
  • Artist : Shusha Guna

    ' Spirituality '
  • Artist : Bader Qabazard

    Title : Surrender

    My inner thoughts about Spirituality: 

    Spirituality is Surrendering...Letting go of control...
    Letting the natural flow of things happen for what they are...
  •                           Title : Early Morning Embrace 
  • Title : Landscape with the Swan ...   Title : The Infinity Mirror
  • Artist : Mindaugas Buivydas
  • Artist : Lisa Muro
  • Artist : Carla Maciel

    Title: The hole where hope must be

    Techniques: Manual and digital collage; hand painting; brush painting; drawing; projection

  • Artist : Barbara Monacelli

  •                           Artist : Eva Pederson

                              Title : A Tree
  •                           Artist : La Gata sobra el Tegado

                              Title : Medicine
  • Poetry : Magdalena Munro  Photograph : Johann Munro Hedayati ( Magdalena's Son)

    Title ' One Within'

    The braiding and unbraiding of
    form and formlessness rolls and
    swells as the transformation
    of a life unfolds like the
    mystery of a man,

    no longer a
               corded babe,
    finding courage to
    run in ruts and
                        sleep in cracks
    and to abandon prayer.

    Doubt is a sharp hook as swirls
    of weakened songbirds
    in the pre-dawn hours and the
    streets are too quiet.

    They beg for boys to know the
    of unspoken words shrouded in
    golden light tilting between past lives and
    future moons.  

    Beyond your unknowing, dragonflies
    surge and glide above tendrils
    of curled fingers and hot breath and
    as you sleep, they
    merge into
    milky streams of stardust.
  • Artist : Silvia Castrati

    The title of the work is "Timoka", like the imaginary city of Bergman's film, it is a dreamlike place in which thought wanders and the spirit finds new ways of expressing itself.
  • Artist : Petit Rien
    Title : Intermede Spirituel
  • Artist : Mellisa Shawnee

    Title: ‘we could be flowers the next time around’

  • Artist : Knysh Ksenya

    Title : ' Within '